Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer rain

All week we have been having rain, ranging from hair-curling drizzle to full blown thunderstorms (although only a couple of these).
So everything is growing at a mad rate, and that includes the lawn.
At this rate we may not get it cut for a while as it is constantly too wet.

Typically the more frail roses are opening, and then being washed away before we have had the chance to enjoy them.
Of course we should be out sowing more veg and flower seeds, but the conditions are too wet to want to do it.

But the highest priority, after the sawfly caterpillar removal, is tying in the autumn fruiting raspberries.
Autumn Bliss fruits on new canes, and has put on a growth spurt.
So for the next little while I'll be down the garden with twine and scissors.
It is even less fun when they are all wet, but leaving it another day will make the job more difficult. Thank heavens the row is only about 3 m (10 ft) long.

And to give a bit of an idea of the wetness here, take a look at part of Asda's carpark on Sunday.
Yesterday when getting thoroughly drenched while cycling there were beautiful oil patterns on a bit of road. I was too wet to want to stop and get my phone out, so you will have to imagine the bright haze that spread across the tarmac.

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Blogger Leigh said...

It seems to be wet and rainy everywhere! It's discouraging not being able to get to work in the garden, but I shouldn't complain after our several years of drought.

1:03 pm  

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