Monday, June 19, 2006

They know me so well ...

Isn't that along the lines of a Rice/Lloyd Webber ditty from years ago?
I really don't want to dredge it up in my mind, as I'll not get rid of the tune for days if I do.

Here is one of my birthday presents from last week. Mary S and Michelle from the Long Eaton Art Room visited the Patchings festival and found me this brooch from Lily Mosaics.
Just my style, and there are lots and lots of colours I can wear with it.

But before I got that the Royal Mail man arrived with my Secret Pal 8 parcel.
The customs declaration listed "yarn, chocolate", hence the "chocolate yarn mmm!!" comment as it was handed over to me.

Now for the contents: Firstly there was a good sized cardboard box. Inside it I pulled out sheet after sheet of crumpled copier paper, numbering about ten in total. I haven't yet thought of a good use for that.

Inside the box was this fantastic load of goodies: Tea, including honeybush, which I hadn't tried before; 70% and 85 % cocoa content chocolate; some elegant notelets, and a set of magnetic page markers with images of monkeys and bananas.

Last but not least, the most amazingly red yarn (shading through to black), nice and fine (2 ply superwash merino), just right for me. This is a new label to me: "Perchance to Knit".


Blogger Jenn said...

Beautiful pin and great SP package.

That yarn was either dyed or spun by my friend Susie! She has a wonderful esty shop and I have some of her handspun in my stash!

3:48 am  
Blogger Wibbo said...

What a wonderful brooch and that red yarn looks lovely. Happy (rather late) Birthday!

5:38 pm  
Blogger Mac's niece said...

Hi Mary! Saw your knitted sculptures at the Long Eaton Art Room last Saturday - beautiful! Also think I must have bumped into you at the L. Eaton carnival at the art room stand. Could you pass on my thanks and compliments to all who helped host the exhibition at the art room last weekend - we were made to feel most welcome, and the display of work was truly inspiring.

7:38 pm  

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