Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Chocolate yarn ... mmm!!"

That was the comment from the Royal Mail man as he dropped off my fantastic parcel about 30 minutes ago.

He got the emphasis right too!!

I just received my first installment of SP8 kindness.
A box came from the US with teas, chocolate and the most amazingly red yarn.

Not that I know what honeybush tea is yet.
Thanks for introducing me to something new.
Think I'll try that before heading off to the Art Room.
(I always have some rooibos tea around)

Here the weather has become much more seasonal.
It is dull with a hint of possible rain in the air.
The outside thermometer reads 12-13 C (54 F) at 11.55.
It went down to 8 C at night.

I'll post pictures soon.
Now what can I make with the rumpled copier paper that filled out the box?
How about a bit of newsprint next time?


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