Thursday, May 25, 2006

Going purple soon ...

I had my hearing reassessed this morning.
This was the first time since my digital aids were dispensed in 2002.

Now I know that I am not slowly going mad when I can't make sense of the world, just slowly losing more of my hearing.
The best thing was that the level 10 dB in my right ear that I have lost in that time, could be corrected by plugging me in to the computer.

No, they couldn't reprogramme me, just my aid!

The improvement has been tremendous.

Even better news, I hope.
As the aids I have were early digital aids and haven't been dispensed in Nottingham for a couple of years or so, I shall be getting new aids.

The best bit of this was that I was able to choose the colour of the casing, and I have gone for purple, my colour.
No more dirty "skin coloured" (= pink/beige) plastic soon.

I've never understood why such a dismal colour has been produced, let alone whose skin it was supposed to match.


Blogger Yvonne said...

I'd have chosen purple as well!

What brand have they gone for this time?

12:44 am  

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