Monday, May 22, 2006


About a month ago, Good Kharma Bunny asked for evidence that winter was over by sending her photos showing "Signs of Spring".
In a fit of enthusiasm I took several pictures, and sent her seven.
They were mostly taken in our garden, but one was taken near the end of our road.

Derbyshire County Council sends someone out with the yellow spray paint can towards the end of April.
Potholes get marked up.
Then we wait for action.
This one is in a seriously inconvenient position just after you turn into our road.
It was marked, but not contained.
It grew!

Then rather miraculously these men turned up one Friday morning.
Here they are seen just opposite our house sorting out an insignificant, but marked, pothole.

Shortly afterward I cycled down the road passing a marked but unmended pothole before catching up with the workmen.

I mentioned it, and was told:
"Ooh I don't know, we'll have to check our schedule".
It seems it was on their schedule, and has been neatly mended.

It seems a bit pointless to walk down to prove that it happened.

I stand corrected!!

As you will see from the comment posted below, I forgot to mention that I won a prize for the funniest image.

Al sent me some cords so that I can do some ply-split braiding.

That might have to wait as I am currently involved in the Online Guild silk spinning workshop.


Blogger goodkharmabunny said...

but you didn't say you won a prize for the funniest picky!!!
al x

3:32 pm  

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