Monday, April 03, 2006

Garden frenzy

This post shold have appeared a week ago, but I was too busy to put it together.
Saturday 25th March was warm and the garden went mad.
We went out and tidied up.

The frogs (highest count 133), not content with having congregated at the pond since before the 6th March, were out in full voice.
By the end of the weekend we had well over 40 clumps of frogspawn.

We even saw the first snails and ants of the year, not quite as welcome.

Now after a week of activities, often far from home, I ventured down to check for tiny wriggling tadpoles and could only detect 4 clumps of spawn.

But, I did see many newts.

Somewhere a year or so ago I read that newts like frogspawn.
We have observed them nibbling away at the jelly.
Could we end up like last year with next to no tadpoles?


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