Friday, March 31, 2006

Freaky Friday

Not the whole day, just 7 minutes as I was cycling home this evening.

Just as I was in the middle of a road junction and the skies were ominously dark, this started to pelt me.

I had little choice but to cycle on into it.

There was no obvious place to shelter, and I got very wet from the few seconds of sleet that preceded the hailstones.

Once home I was so wet that I rushed into the shower only to find that a certain teenager had just had a bath, and there was no hot water left.

So after two cold showers things were fine, and I cooked a vegetable curry a little heavy on the carrots and with extra garlic as we had no onions.

No time to report on this week now, but I did find a letter from the University of Nottingham to say that my bracelet has been accepted for the exhibition.


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