Friday, March 24, 2006

Hair curling ...

... well, that was an accurate description of the weather when the overnight rain dwindled by late morning.

It might also have been me and my attempt to thread some of my porcelain beads as a necklace/bracelet.
Today was the second (and final) handing-in day for an exhibition in Nottingham.

Firstly, I hadn't left myself enough time for problem solving.

Secondly, I hadn't checked that I had enough of the red glass beads with a large enough hole.

Thirdly, I hadn't read the submission form properly.

I needed "a reflective piece of writing explaining how the work was created from initial conception to completed work".

However, I was able to beg a piece of paper and write out a few sentences before handing it in.
That's that until 3rd April when the selection will have been made.

Of course, as always happens, the first piece is just the test piece.
The rayon cord took the textile dyes nicely, and shows up the crunchy texture of the porcelain quite well.

For subsequent pieces, I will have to work out a better way to attach the findings.
It didn't look as good as I think that it could be.

The overhand knots in the pink cord work quite well, but I still want to try the contrast with red glass beads.
So, before leaving Nottingham, I went to the bead shop and selected some.

Then I joined in a game of "sardines" on the train home.
I'm glad that I only had to stand in that crush for 10 minutes!


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