Friday, July 04, 2014

Another birthday exchange

I hadn't taken part in any exchanges for a while, so was pleased to remember to sign up in time for a birthday exchange via Ravelry.

My exchange partner was Alice, born on the same day, but in the USA and as far as we can ascertain a few hours earlier than me. I have photographed the contents of the parcel she sent a couple of times to show the colours with only partial success. Purples are so hard to depict.
For whatever reason I have been unable to rotate the image, but seen from sideways on the treats look so good.

The shawl is knitted in the most perfect purple, and the weight of the beads at the bottom makes it hang beautifully. It has been much admired already, and will be worn so much, as it goes with so many of my clothes.
There are marvellous additions to my stash, purple and brilliant green yarn, and a lovely purple project bag.



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