Friday, September 06, 2013

... changes ...

... are taking place.

This week saw my hair tamed, just in time for the weather to cool down.

Haircut on Wednesday; so the weather changed to cool and damp on Friday via some warm weather on Thursday that saw too much sweat trickling down my back for comfort.

But much more importantly, thanks to the NHS I had a change of hearing aids yesterday.
I'd had my Spirit 3 aids since June 2006, although over the years separately both had failed and been replaced.

The new aids, Spirit Zest are purple once more, and even smaller than before.
This time you can't see the innards, so not quite as exciting to look at.

So far, after just over a day the sound seems to be better.
It was not only drizzling as I cycled in to town, but a bit windy, so now I have some idea what the wind blowing on the microphones will be like.

Otherwise, there is a definite cooling in the air today, and I needed to wear a jacket to cycle to the shops this afternoon.
Looking at the forecast we may  be in for temperatures in the teens from now on.



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