Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden delights and our weekend exhibition

No time to take pictures today.
Last night, as I was cycling home from the "Woolly Wednesday" knitting session at the Art Room it was raining.
So naturally the traffic lights near the library failed to detect a single cyclist wishing to turn right onto the more major road. After two failed sequences I just went at the time the traffic opposite got to go.
Then there were the drivers who suddenly did u-turns in front of me and came to a dead stop, twice in one 10 minute ride!

But best of all, the garden got some rain, and the temperature dropped further.
Last night it dropped back to not much above freezing, quite a contrast with the 25C in the shade at the weekend.

This is the week of the Chelsea Flower Show, which is getting lots of coverage on TV.
This year Rachel Carter, a local artist, has a stand. She involved some local people to help out with willow weaving at the Art Room over the past couple of months.

Tomorrow, we transform the Art Room for the Bank Holiday weekend as four of us take part in Derbyshire Open Arts.
More on that later....

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Blogger Leigh said...

I hope you weren't soaked by the time you got home! Sounds like the Art Room has been a real success.

2:39 am  

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