Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art Room move

I've been a bit quiet here for the past while, and all because we have been moving the Art Room to a new venue.
We have been in business now for a little over 3 years, and our rate of expansion has been phenomenal.

When we moved into larger premises in 2007/8, we knew that it was only until July of this year.
It gave us a chance to work on a larger scale, and that proved to work well for us.
The decision as to where we would be after our lease ran out has weighed heavily on us.
It has been a bit of a cliffhanger, as our preferred premises were not available when we had expected them to be.
We only found out late last Wednesday that we could move in this last weekend.
We had to be out of our premises by yesterday morning.
So we didn't have to do a two-way move via temporary storage.
Now we are moved, and frantically trying to set up for next Monday when we will reopen to the public.
The builders also had no access until this week, so we will be working alongside them.
The good news is that our new landlords walked through with the builders yesterday, and the builders wasted no time, and started this morning.
We have long days ahead of us to get everything in place.
We won't have a telephone line in until Thursday.
So in some ways it has been quiet, as unless people know our mobile numbers we cannot be contacted.

I have been too tired to think much about the Secret Pal 14 exchange, which just started.
I am looking forward to taking part, having missed out on the last couple of exchanges.

But please bear with me for a few days until we are sorted out at the studio.

I did manage some spinning last week when very much stressed.
Some of it was sampling a fantastic alpaca silk mix in "Think Pink" that I bought from Krafty Koala at the end of UK Ravelry Day in Coventry.
I have also started on spinning some fibres bought from Skein Queen at about the same time.
This may be a long term project, and just possibly the recipient may read this, so no more hints.

And now a reminder that I do knit sometimes. Here is a quick snap taken with my mobile phone one evening when fetching the washing in (hence the bluish colour). Ian had hung a load of my socks together, making a burst of colour.
This is one view from bed early in the morning, which may inspire some wire or porcelain - fine spider tracery highlighted by sunlight.

And the little bit of wire knitting I did on my way over to Coventry for UK Ravelry Day - purple wire with gold thread, worn pinned through a piece of porcelain I had fashioned, but that broke in firing. Now (when I get time) I need to make some porcelain with larger holes so that I can pin things on more easily.

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Blogger Yarn It said...

Love the pictures of the socks! I so wish I was a sock knitter sometimes.

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